ECU Remapping

What is ECU Tuning?

ECU Tuning in short is the process of overwriting the Manufacturers’ Software within the car’s brain (the ECU) to allow for more Power, improved power delivery, and making changes to the ECU Map to suit aftermarket hardware such as a Hybrid Turbocharger or different Injectors. This is necessary when changing parts that will require different commands and values to the stock parts that the car left the factory with.

ECU Remapping can be beneficial to car owners looking for more power without having to change any parts. The reason this is possible is because the Manufacturers are limited to a list of criteria that their vehicles must meet, Such as Fuel Consumption, Emissions standards, different environments and climates, and model line ups among other things.

If we take a 2013-2018 BMW M135i as an example, this car leaves the factory with 320BHP give or take. This car will then be shipped all around the globe including places like Norway, Dubai, England, and Malaysia (again, just examples). Now, this car will be expected to be able to meet the Manufacturers stated figures for Power, Emissions, and Fuel Consumption in all of these places even though their climates will vary massively, therefore BMW would have had to make a very “One size fits all” software for the ECU to suit all of these different conditions. However, this means that the car should/could be capable of much more power if these other things were no longer a concern. This is where Aftermarket ECU Tuning comes into play, we can work with the more-than-capable stock hardware fitted, along with a Custom Software made for that individual car to get the most out of it. This enables us to make more power through clever adaptions made to the ECU to use Fuel, Air, and Boost along with Timing adjustments in a more effective way.

This is what is referred to as “Stage 1”, no additional Hardware is necessary, just adjustments made to the ECU Software.

Stage 2 gets a little more involved as you are now having to replace parts that could be causing limitations even though the engine and turbo/supercharger may be capable of more!

Once these parts have been replaced for High flowing Performance Parts (Usually the Downpipe, Intercooler and Induction Kit is what is changed) you will need to Tune the ECU to suit these new parts which can flow more air, cool more efficiently, and disperse heat better which will all equate to a higher BHP and NM figure.

Why is EST different from others?

We use nothing but Genuine tools. Bflash, EVC, Autotuner and CMD to name a few.

We carry out all tuning in house using Master tuning tools, live emulators and WINOLS editing software.

One of the most accurate rolling roads on the market, German Made MAHA.

Insurance which really does cover full tuning and dyno shop.

No flash and Dash. Tuning takes time to get right and not every car is the same as such some cars can take longer than others.

Years of experience in tuning and automotive industry.


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