EST Stage 1 ECU & TCU Software Package (In-Store Only)

EST Stage 1 ECU & TCU Software Package (In-Store Only)

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EST Performance STAGE 1 ECU & TCU Software Package


Figures: 390-410BHP and 390-410Ft Lbs

This is our Stage 1 ECU & TCU Software Package for your A45 / CLA45 /GLA45 AMG to have carried out at our Workshop in East Sussex – In Store Only.

We are specifically known for our huge advancements on the A45 AMG platform being the first company to offer a real solution for the 7-speed gearbox allowing for much more power with less initial lag and an overall vast improvement of the way the car performs, not to mention multiple World Records.

Awaken your 45 AMG with our Software, it is known that in Standard form these cars can feel lethargic and too linear with no real wow factor or kick. With our simple Stage 1 Package we can take your 45 to the next level with no additional Hardware required, taking the standard 360/380 BHP up to a respectable 390/415 BHP, we recommend running 99oct fuel for this package to achieve the best possible figures.

Our Stage 1 Gearbox Software (TCU Software) raises the Internal Torque Limit and changes the Launch Control Revs to 3000RPM as we have found this is the most effective launch at those RPMs, it will also change the Launch Control Clamping Pressure to minimize any clutch slip, including all of the above Stage 1 Gearbox Notes!

  • Torque Limiters Raised to suit ECU Power (550NM)
  • Gearbox expected Torque from ECU Raised to match ECU
  • LC RPM Can be set from to customer preference (Sweet spot seems to be 3300-3800 depending on Specs)
  • Shift Speed Improvements around 35%
  • LC Pressure increased to Help Box off the Line
  • Gearbox Stall Speed adjustment to help pull off lag

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