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EST Performance is built on the premise of honesty and transparency; therefore, we invest heavily back into the business to offer State of the Art technology to our customers using only the most accurate and trusted tools to do the job right the first time.

Therefore, we use only the best when it comes to our Dynamometer, a MAHA LPS3000 4WD. Our Dyno can read up to 710HP at the wheels – which is roughly 850HP at the Crank (Engine), it also enables us to read this with an incredibly low tolerance for error meaning we can give you one of the most accurate readings available to measure the true power of your car.

We don’t just offer Power Run Sessions, you can rest assured that every one of the cars we tune will be subject to the same care and attention, strapped down onto the Dyno, Data logged to ensure the car is safe to tune and standard logs meet the criteria of the OE Manufacturer. Through our decade of tuning cars, we know what to look out for, something that others may miss during this stage which should be considered the most important.
Dyno Testing

Dyno Services

Power Sweep Sessions - This service is for those who want to see what power their car is running – This includes 3 Back-to-Back Runs and a printout of the best run inc all the necessary Data you would expect.

2WD up to 350BHP Power Sweep Session

£70 inc VAT

2WD Over 350BHP Power Sweep Session

£80 inc VAT

4WD up to 500BHP Power Sweep Session

£75 inc VAT

4WD Over 500BHP Power Sweep Session

£95 inc VAT

Data Logging Session

£90 ex VAT per hour
Minimum Charge of 2hrs

What the Dyno test include

Along with this we can also offer our Dyno Services to customers who have had their cars tuned elsewhere and may not have been tuned on a dyno, or you may even be looking for diagnostic work which can only be carried out at a certain speed or under certain load conditions which may be unsafe to carry out on the Public Roads, this is where the Dyno will come into its own, allowing us to real-world conditions. For example, you have an intermittent misfire that only happens in a certain gear at a certain RPM up a gradient. We can make all the necessary adjustments to replicate the effect it would have on your car allowing us to diagnose the issue!
Dyno Testing

Other Services

At EST Performance we offer a range of services including General Maintenance, Servicing, Repairs, and Performance Part Installs, getting our hands dirty isn’t forgotten about.

Being from Main Dealer backgrounds we all know there is a lot left to be desired when you drop your car off for routine Service at your Local Dealer for repair works, the feeling of being another number helping that Garage get close to quota each quarter but not having the full assurance that your car will be cared for and given the treatment it deserves.

We are different. We all saw these issues and that is why we ensure every one of our customers leaves EST Performance knowing their car was cared for as if it were our own, that the work carried out was done with the utmost care and without rushing to hit a deadline or target.

At EST Performance you can depend on us to be your one-stop-shop from the vehicle first service all the way up to Forced Induction Conversions and Engine Swaps, we have done it all and we pride ourselves on the standard we have set.
Our Services


starts from as little as £115 inc VAT

Performance Part installs

Diagnostic Inspections

Mechanical works

Custom Part Fabrication

Cylinder Head Rebuilds

Walnut Blasting

Injector Cleaning and Rebuilds

Clutch Replacements

Cambelt and Waterpump Replacements

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