Mercedes A45S / CLA45S AMG 2019+


This illusive Hot Hatch is something we have been working on for the last 2 years now, the first of these cars into the UK were the CLA Shape, same underpinnings, just a different shaped body.

We took delivery of the first CLA45S to private hands back in 2019 and with just 26 miles on the odometer, we set to work almost straight away to try and see how the new 45S AMG Platform would look for us Tuners, it was an incredible feat of engineering.

We worked on this model for a further 8-10 months of testing with various BETA testing cars owned by private individuals to receive feedback and real-world use reports so we could be sure our software for these cars was completely unparalleled as our W176 A45 Software had been.

You can find examples of A45Sā€™ Tuned by us featuring on well-known Automotive Channels on Youtube!

Stage 1

Custom ECU Remap Package

Ā£600 inc VAT ā€“ NO Hardware Changes Required

Stage 1 Figures: 455-465BHP and 435-455Ft Lbs

We are also able to offer the list below on Stage 1 as well as Stage and beyond.

Crackles on Sport Increased/Decreased

Cat Codes Deactivation

Charge Cooler Pump Mod (Enables pump to come on sooner to help lower intake Temp)

Cold Start/ Cat Heating Turned OFF or Time/RPM Lowered

Vmax Speed limiter OFF

Stop/Start Deactivation

Stage 2

Custom ECU (and Parts) Packages

From £750 inc VAT

Stage 2 Package A £750 inc VAT

Stage 2 Figures: 485-510BHP and 440-465Ft Lbs

If you already have the required hardware and are just looking for our Software this is the package for you, whether you have just had the parts fitted yourself and the car is stock or you are looking to swap from another tuner to us!

Stage 2 Package B £2,450 inc VAT

Stage 2 Figures: 485-510BHP and 440-465Ft Lbs

EXCLUSIVE EST Performance x Cobra Sport High Flow 200Cel Sports Cat Downpipe 

EST Performance Custom Pre CPC-Stage 2 ECU Software

Workshop Install of Parts

Genuine Mercedes Downpipe Fitting Kit

EST x Cobra Sport High Flow 200Cel Sports Cat Downpipe - With the introduction of additional sensors for temperature monitoring in the later W177 Models, it used to be an issue that hindered the ability to fit an “Off the Shelf” Downpipe to these cars. We are proud to offer The EST x Cobra Downpipe to the market which allows fitment to both Pre and Post-EGT Cars along with Software Calibration to suit this eventuality, this will only affect production cars made in 2021 onwards.


PLEASE NOTE: We DO NOT offer tuning for vehicles older than 2008 OR over 120,000 miles.


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