Mercedes C63 AMG 4.0V8 W205 2015-2020


Having spent so much time on this platform and benefiting from having our W205 C63S, our development car, we know these cars inside out and where they like to be pushed, and what to look out for when they do not.

Stage 1

Custom ECU Software Package

£600 inc VAT – NO Hardware Changes Required

Stage 1 Figures: 580-600BHP and 580-625Ft Lbs – No Hardware changes needed

We are also able to offer the list below on Stage 1 as well as Stage and beyond.

Crackles on Sport Increased/Decreased

Cat Codes Deactivation

Charge Cooler Pump Mod (Enables pump to come on sooner to help lower intake Temp)

Cold Start/ Cat Heating Turned OFF or Time/RPM Lowered

Vmax Speed limiter OFF

Stop/Start Deactivation

Stage 2

Custom ECU and Gearbox Software Packages

From £750 inc VAT

Stage 2 Figures: 615-660BHP and 610-660Ft Lbs

Stage 2 Package A £750 inc VAT

If you already have the required hardware and are just looking for our Software this is the package for you, whether you have just had the parts fitted yourself and the car is stock or you are looking to swap from another tuner to us!

Stage 2 Package B £1,800 inc VAT – Catless

BR Motorsport Decat Downpipes inc Labour to fit

Custom EST Performance Stage 2 ECU Software

Workshop Install of Parts

Stage 2 Package B £2,400 inc VAT – Catted

BR Motorsport Catted 200cel Sports Downpipes

Custom EST Performance Stage 2 ECU Software

Workshop Install of Parts

(Other Options Available for all Parts, the parts we list are used and recommended by us)

PLEASE NOTE: We DO NOT offer tuning for vehicles older than 2008 OR over 120,000 miles.

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