N55 F Series Platform inc. M2 / M135I / M235I / 335I / 435I


The N55 3.0 Twin Scroll Single Turbocharged Inline Six engine was BMW’s replacement for the notoriously troublesome N54 Engine, which was swapped out in 2009, this engine would be one of the most commonly found engines within BMW’s line-up for the next 9 years and could be found in nearly all models ranging from the 1 Series to the X5/6.

The N55 Engine was found initially in the 335I of 2009 with just a touch over 300BHP this engine was revised multiple times and can be found with 365BHP in the BMW M2 N55 Up to 2018, this engine can be a rival for the likes of Audi’s 2.5 5 Cylinder lump found in the RS3 with similar power capabilities.

Stage 1

Custom ECU Remap Package

£450 inc VAT – NO Hardware Changes Required

Stage 1 Figures: 360-385BHP and 375-385Ft Lbs

+ £150 Gearbox Mapping to suit

We are also able to offer the list below on Stage 1 as well as Stage and beyond.

Crackles on Sport Increased/Decreased

Cat Codes Deactivation

Charge Cooler Pump Mod (Enables pump to come on sooner to help lower intake Temp)

Cold Start/ Cat Heating Turned OFF or Time/RPM Lowered

Vmax Speed limiter OFF

Stop/Start Deactivation

Stage 2 Package(s)

Custom ECU & Gearbox Software (and Parts) Packages

From £650 inc VAT

Stage 2 Figures: 395-420BHP and 390-410Ft Lbs - M235I/M135I/435I/335I

Stage 2 Figures: 425-450BHP and 440-470Ft Lbs - M2 N55


Stage 2 Package A £750 inc VAT - ECU and Gearbox Software Only

This includes ECU Stage 2 Software and our Custom Gearbox Software to suit.

If you already have the required hardware and are just looking for our Software this is the package for you, whether you have just had the parts fitted yourself and the car is stock or you are looking to swap from another tuner to us!

Stage 2 Package B – Catted £2800 inc VAT

Wagner N55 Catted Downpipe

PumaSpeed Front Mount Intercooler

Masata Turbo to Intercooler Hose

Masata Boost Pipe w/Meth Bung

K&N Direct Replacement Drop-In Filter or CTS Intake Kit

EST Performance Custom ECU & Gearbox Stage 2 Software

Workshop Install of all Parts

We can also offer the B58TU High-Pressure Fuel (additional cost for fitting) which will enable additional power due to the Stock HPFP Limiting the car to around 420BHP on M Lites OR up to 450BHP on M2 OG N55

PLEASE NOTE: We DO NOT offer tuning for vehicles older than 2008 OR over 120,000 miles.

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